Authenticity in Action: Staying True to Your Corporate Values Through Philanthropy

Sarah NavranCorporate Giving

When companies give back to causes that align with their core mission, it can create a strong connection between employees and nonprofits. How do companies successfully align their values with their community engagement for more authentic corporate giving? We spoke to several companies that partner with Greater Horizons to learn how their giving programs stay true to who they are as a brand while also balancing employee interests and engagement:

Connect with nonprofits that align with your company’s purpose.

A great way to stay true to your company’s values is by forming relationships with nonprofits aligned with your industry. For instance, if your company does work in the healthcare sector, seek out nonprofits that provide medical resources to underserved communities. Developing programs that enable your company to assist nonprofits in a similar industry fosters a sense of purpose among your staff in a field they deeply care about. Beyond the financial contribution, we have heard from companies who have invited nonprofit representatives for all-staff lunch and learn sessions. Having the chance to hear directly from the nonprofits your company supports demonstrates the tangible impact of employees’ commitment to the cause. On the flip side, consider organizing staff tours of the nonprofit’s facilities. Seeing the on-site impact firsthand can serve as continued inspiration for your employees. These meaningful connections with nonprofits uphold your company’s values and empower your employees to drive positive change in the areas that matter most to them.

Build a team of supporters internally and externally.

Making an impact is a collective effort, so rally the troops together to create a team of philanthropic supporters. Some companies have formed dedicated committees, drawing from various departments, to spearhead philanthropic initiatives internally. From coordinating fundraising events to collaborating with nonprofits for volunteer opportunities, these employees ignite company-wide philanthropy. Beyond the company’s walls, customers and vendors also play a role in your company’s charitable efforts. We have seen companies make an even bigger impact by allowing external stakeholders to get involved. Whether it’s participating in donation drives or attending nonprofit events together, your company can create strong bonds with your business relationships through philanthropy.

Educate staff on the power of philanthropy.

Take the time to make sure you’re well-versed in sharing your company’s impactful work with your team. Communicating your company’s philanthropic achievements, such as statistical data and meaningful stories, promotes a sense of pride among employees and offers them opportunities for engagement. Additionally, consider highlighting the importance of specific causes that resonate with each individual. We have worked with many companies offering paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO), enabling employees to volunteer while on the clock. Volunteer opportunities are not limited to traditional roles like serving meals at a food kitchen or picking up trash at your neighborhood park. The options are endless for employees to find opportunities that match their personality traits and interests. Encourage your staff to explore nonprofit board or committee openings where they can leverage their skills to make a direct impact.


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