Maximize & Organize Your Charitable Giving

Individuals and families create their charitable legacies using our platform of giving tools.

Greater Horizons works with individuals and families to maximize and organize their charitable giving.

Over the years, we have grown to one of the largest and most entrepreneurial public charities of our kind, managing more than $4 billion in assets and ranking among the top 1 percent of over 900 community foundations in the country for more than a decade.

What Sets Us Apart from Others


We know that donors – like you – set up donor-advised funds and other charitable giving accounts because they care about making a difference in their communities. Our job is to arm you with succinct, effective solutions that will carry on your charitable legacy.

Beyond donor-advised funds, we offer a comprehensive platform of charitable tools. We help you navigate all of your options, which might include scholarship funds, designated funds or field-of-interest funds.


We provide world-class service to all our donors, no matter the size of your account. You have access to a team of professionals dedicated to promptly answering calls and emails. You are able to conduct your giving in a confidential and secure environment.


Giving should be easy. You can use your donor-advised fund for all of your giving, without being constrained by unnecessary limitations and minimums.

  • No minimum initial contribution.
  • No minimum gift or grant amounts.
  • No limit to the number of successor advisors or charitable beneficiaries.


Rely on us to be forward-thinking. We think carefully about succession planning, so your descendants can continue to give in perpetuity, or we can carry out your charitable intent. As a community foundation, we are governed by an independent board and are not connected to a commercial enterprise that can be sold, merged or dissolved. We will exist to serve generations to come.