Corporate Giving Strategic Planning

Align your giving to your company’s philanthropic mission and goals.

The decision to give back as a company should be easy; the research on why it’s important is clear and overwhelming. Consumers and employees expect companies to do more than maximize profits, and purpose-driven companies foster more loyalty, growth and customer satisfaction.

But after taking that first step of establishing a corporate giving program, the possibilities are endless, and the questions you face are complicated. Where should you focus your philanthropic efforts? Which charities should you support? How can you be a responsible corporate citizen?

After spending more than a decade researching, guiding and executing corporate philanthropy programs, we have the expertise to help you answer the hard questions and provide solutions that truly make a difference.

Our five-step process will help you:

Download our Five Steps to Strategic Corporate Giving to learn more about how we can help your company achieve more purposeful philanthropy.


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We have the expertise to help you prioritize your corporate giving, so you can build a culture of giving back.