Helpful Resources

Making giving a fun, meaningful and rewarding experience for all.

Greater Horizons aims to support giving of all kinds, making philanthropy meaningful and rewarding for all charitable givers.

How to Use the Online Portal to Access Your Fund

Watch a video tutorial on using our online donor portal, where you can view your fund activity and suggest grants to nonprofits.

Read the Latest News or Listen to Our Podcast

Visit Greater Horizons’ Giving Blog for charitable giving stories, news and ideas. Listen to the Grow Your Giving Podcast where we discuss philanthropic topics to help you enjoy giving more.

Research Charities

Search for detailed information on nonprofit organizations across the country at Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator or Guidestar. If you would like assistance with researching charities and causes important to you, contact our philanthropic advisors at or 866.719.7886.