Contribute Stocks and Other Securities

If your fund's assets are invested separately in a financial advisor managed account, please work with your financial advisor to contribute to your fund. You do not need to complete this form.

If your fund's assets are invested in Greater Horizons' investment pools, use the following form to notify Greater Horizons of your intent to contribute publicly traded securities to your Fund.

If you plan to contribute mutual funds or bonds, please contact for separate instructions.

If Greater Horizons does not receive proper notification of a contribution using this form, the securities will be sold and the proceeds will be placed into a suspense account. If the securities remain unidentified despite our best efforts, the contribution will be placed into a general fund and will not be credited to your Fund.

After completing this form, please contact your financial institution to initiate the transfer.

We will use this name for gift acknowledgments.

Please provide an email and phone number for questions related to the gift.
Anticipated Transfer Date(Required)
For each security you plan to contribute, please include the name of the security, the number of shares and the approximate value.