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Family Ties, Giving Back & Making a Difference

Sarah NavranIndividual & Family Giving

There’s something special about sharing experiences with your family, whether it’s the one you were born into or the one you’ve chosen. The joy of these shared moments creates meaningful bonds and unforgettable memories. In addition to annual vacations or life milestones, consider adding family philanthropy to the list of experiences. Giving as a family unites multiple generations through a shared commitment to making a positive difference. We have heard from many families, both traditional and chosen, on ways they’ve come together to create a lasting impact. Here’s how they got started:

Discuss charitable values and interests. Many families begin shaping their philanthropic strategies by discussing the causes that mean the most to them. Consider reminiscing about cherished childhood memories, impactful volunteer days or heartwarming generational stories that still make you smile. Remembering these moments can help your family discover nonprofit organizations that align with your values and interests. Greater Horizons offers consultative services to help families start this conversation by exploring and documenting their charitable goals and priorities. 

See nonprofits in action on a site visit. There’s no better way to grasp a nonprofit’s true impact on the local community than experiencing it firsthand. During a nonprofit site visit, you’ll get the chance to step inside their world. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with the organization’s leaders, allowing your family to gain valuable insights into their industry and vision for the future. Plus, there may be an opportunity to volunteer during the visit. Volunteering can be a heartwarming way to not only enhance your family’s experience but also to give back to the community. Engaging with nonprofits on this level offers a sense of togetherness by highlighting that all family members can make a significant difference by collaborating.

Open a donor-advised fundConsider using donor-advised funds as an organizational structure. Instead of navigating several accounts or a system not designed for charitable giving, donor-advised funds make philanthropy seamless by consolidating all charitable contributions into one account. Greater Horizons offers 24/7 access to account information through an online portal, allowing all family members to view grant history and fund information. After contributing to your donor-advised fund, you will collect a tax deduction immediately, making it easy to keep track of your finances.

As we enter the holiday season, pause for a moment and talk about philanthropy with those closest to you. These discussions can forge deeper connections and fulfillment as your family explores the opportunity to make a difference. Greater Horizons is here to support your family’s philanthropy. If you have any questions, contact us at