Establish a Donor-Advised Fund

Complete the following form to set up your own charitable giving account, also known as a donor-advised fund. If you would like to speak with a Greater Horizons representative to guide you through the process, feel free to contact us at or toll free 866.719.7886. 

If you would prefer to fill out a printed form, please download our Establish a Donor-Advised Fund PDF form and return to or fax to 816.842.8079.

1. Naming Your Donor-Advised Fund

I/we hereby establish the fund named below (referred to as the “Fund”) with Greater Horizons. Greater Horizons is authorized to accept charitable contributions to the Fund subject to terms set forth herein.

2. Fund Advisors

I/we intend that the income and principal from the Fund be available for distribution in accordance with the charitable purposes set forth in the Bylaws referenced below. Distributions shall be made by Greater Horizons after receiving and approving the advice in writing from the following or any of the following if two or more are named:

Please select the number of advisors for your fund.
Advisor 1
Advisor 2
Advisor 3
Advisor 4
Advisor 5
Advisor 6

List any additional fund advisors in Section 7.