Three Ways to Encourage Community Involvement at Your Workplace

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In the post-pandemic world, where we continue to redefine “normal” and when the number of employees working from home is at an all-time high, it is important to maintain company culture. It can be challenging to spark engagement for philanthropic work inside and outside of the workplace. We recently spoke to representatives from corporations to discuss their giving programs within and outside of their companies. Here are a few creative ways to incorporate and encourage involvement from employees.

Start at the Hiring Process

Don’t be shy when sharing your good work. If your company matches employee donations, offers volunteer opportunities, and participates in other philanthropic work, mention this during the hiring process.

Start off strong by discussing with prospective employees their background and current practice of philanthropic work during interviews. If newly hired employees are already taking part in volunteer work and community involvement outside the office, they are more likely to participate in your company’s efforts.

Rely on Your ERGs

A great way to engage your employees is through your company’s employee resource groups (ERGs). ERGs are groups that provide a safe space for employees with similar demographics or interests. Members of ERGs can offer suggestions on community projects and organizations outside of the workplace. ERGs may help shed light on lesser-known organizations that could benefit from your company’s involvement and maximize reach.

Recognize and Reward Employees

Have you ever heard of FOMO? A fundamental truth is that nobody likes to miss out. The same concept can be applied to the workplace and philanthropy. Set philanthropic goals within your company and publicly recognize employees who participate. By rewarding employees publicly, you can ignite a healthy dose of competition among colleagues.

Need reward ideas for who can get the most volunteer hours this year? Or who attended the most philanthropic events this year? Use congratulatory announcements sent in companywide emails and creative and unique gifts everybody wants. These are just a few ideas that can increase participation among employees.

As companies around the world redefine and navigate the workplace after the pandemic, it is more crucial than ever to build company morale.

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