Corporate Donor-Advised Funds from Greater Horizons

Establish a corporate foundation to fulfill your company’s charitable mission.


A corporate donor-advised fund, which can serve as your company's corporate foundation, provides tax advantages, increases your company’s visibility in the community, and encourages others to see your company in a positive light. However, that’s not necessarily why you give. Philanthropy is important to you and your employees. You give back to the community because you want to make a difference.

Whatever your reason for giving, Greater Horizons’ job in establishing your corporate donor-advised fund is to help you fulfill your company’s philanthropic mission as easily and effectively as possible.

Not only can Greater Horizons help you establish a corporate foundation that maximizes the tax and budget aspects of your company’s philanthropy, we:

  • Can organize your corporate giving under one structure,
  • Do not require minimums for contributions to funds or grants to charities, and
  • Keep fees low, starting at just $21 a month.

To set up a corporate donor-advised fund, contact us at You can also review our sample Corporate Donor-Advised Fund Agreement to see the information we will need to create your custom fund.

If you would like a Greater Horizons representative to guide you through the process, contact

Corporate Donor-Advised Fund or a Private Foundation?

Learn about the differences between a corporate donor-advised fund and a private foundation.

Interested in establishing a corporate donor-advised fund?

We can help you create a central location for your company’s giving to increase charitable impact.