5 Ways to Enjoy Giving More With a Donor-Advised Fund


Donors who give through a donor-advised fund at Greater Horizons enjoy the ease and flexibility of our charitable funds as well as our best-in-class customer service team to help them along the way.

Whether you recently established your donor-advised fund, or you have been giving through your fund for many years, we want to help you make the most of your fund at Greater Horizons. Here are five ways you can maximize your giving through a donor-advised fund at Greater Horizons:

1. Make Gifts in Honor of Individuals
Many donors wish to support their friends or families participating in races or going on mission trips. You can use your donor-advised fund to do this as long as there is no direct benefit to any individual. You can make grants to charities and note that the gift is in honor of a specific individual in the special instructions. Contact Donor Services if you’d like to make a grant from your fund to support online fundraising efforts in honor of an individual.

2. Support Events
Determining how you can support charities through ticket, table and sponsorship purchases can seem especially tricky. We can help you determine which portion of the purchase can be funded through your donor-advised fund and which portion must be paid through your personal bank account. All ticket and table purchases, both tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible portions, must be paid through your personal bank account. Any sponsorship costs tied to the intangible recognition you receive for being a sponsor can be covered by your donor-advised fund.

3. Purchase Memberships
You can use your donor-advised fund to purchase a membership as long as the purchase is 100% tax-deductible. Many memberships offer incidental benefits such as free admission, free parking, discounts at gift shops and low-cost gifts such as coffee mugs. These benefits are allowed. However, benefits that are more than incidental must be declined and, if you wish to take advantage of those benefits, paid for separately through your personal bank account.

4. Support Scholarships and Tuition
You can use your donor-advised fund to support a scholarship program administered by a 501(c)(3) public charity or an educational institution. However, the IRS does not allow contributions to be earmarked to assist specific individuals.

5. Make Recurring Grants
You can easily set up recurring monthly, quarterly or annual donations to your favorite charities by contacting Donor Services. This one-time setup allows you to consistently grant to organizations throughout the year.

We’re here to help you make the most of your donor-advised fund and answer any questions about granting from your fund. Contact our Donor Services team at support@greaterhorizons.org or 866.627.3440. View our donor-advised fund grant guidelines for more helpful tips on using your charitable fund

Authored by: Susie Johnson, Director of Donor Relations and Development