Scholarship Opportunities

Greater Horizons offers scholarships for students across the country.

If you are an individual, family or business interested in opening a scholarship fund, please contact or 866.719.7886.

Full List of Scholarship Opportunities

Students interested in applying for scholarships can find relevant scholarship opportunities and apply using our online scholarship portal.

Students can create an account at Application deadlines typically remain the same each year.

How to prepare:

In order to best fill out your application, you may need to have a few things prepared ahead of time.

  • Develop a plan for your post-secondary education. Here are some factors to consider:
    • Where do you plan on attending college?
    • Will you pursue a technical degree or a four-year institution?
    • What type of major sparks your interest?
  • Obtain a minimum of two letters of recommendation. They can be from teachers, coaches, clergy members, etc.
  • Write a personal statement. Most scholarships will ask for a personal statement or short essay. Begin gathering ideas that include qualities that set you apart.
  • Acquire an electronic copy of your unofficial transcript.
  • Complete the FAFSA before you complete the general and college conditional applications and develop an education budget. This way, donors and organizations can accurately consider you for scholarships.

How to get started:

Each December, our applications open for the upcoming school year. Scholarships will only be available to high school seniors or current college students.

  • Create an account at Be sure to use an email address that you will have access to after you graduate from high school, as we will communicate with you via email.
  • Complete the general and college conditional applications.
  • Based on your answers, we will provide you a list of scholarships you qualify for.
  • Apply to these opportunities by providing some additional information.

Questions? Contact or 816.627.3436.