Our 2021 Annual Report is Now Available

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In another record-breaking year, Greater Horizons donors sent more grants out the door from their charitable funds than ever before. Donor-advised funds continue to be our most popular type of charitable fund, providing donors the flexibility to set aside money in a charitable investment account for tax-free growth to maximize donations to nonprofit organizations. See more about the remarkable work our donors are doing with their charitable funds in our 2021 annual report.

“Our amazing team works hard all year long to ensure donors can easily contribute to their funds and grant dollars out of funds. The amount of funds under our umbrella continues to grow, right alongside contributions and grants. We are especially proud to celebrate the $693 million in grants that donors sent to charities across the nation in 2021, the most in our history, with the majority coming from donor-advised funds. After 2020, some feared donors would tire of the constant flow of fundraising appeals, but we saw the opposite. We’re confident donors will continue to respond to needs with their charitable dollars, and we’ll continue to facilitate the response for generations to come.” – Debbie Wilkerson, President & CEO

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